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Sanitary Pads For Menstrual Health

Menstruation is a normal biological process in which women experience vaginal bleeding every month. This happens because the egg released by the ovary does not get fertilized and resultantly lining in the uterus breakdown and is shed out of the body along with the egg, in the form of blood. Menstruation is most widely known as periods. This occurs every 28-40 days and lasts up to 7 days.

Taking proper precautions and maintaining hygiene during menstruation is of utmost importance as unhealthy practices can cause discomfort, rashes, skin swells, or may even cause infection in the reproductive and urinary tract. This highlights the importance of menstrual products, including sanitary napkins, menstrual cups, tampons, and others. Cleanliness of genital areas and the use of menstrual products can reduce the risk of infections by 97%.

Sanitary napkins aka Sanitary pads are made from absorbent materials and are used to absorb the uterine flow. They help reduce the risks associated with periods. It is advisable to change it every 4-8 hours to protect it from getting over soaked.

Sanitary pads not only safeguard your body but also give you the freedom to work without having to worry about leaks. Along with this, they are super portable. You can even carry them in your pocket.

Things to take into consideration while buying sanitary pads


First of all look for the size. It comes in all the ranges varying from small to XXL. It depends on the level of flow and your routine. In case of heavy bleeding or traveling or some heavy physical work, go for larger ones. And in the case of light period days, you can choose a small size.


This is the second thing that you must look for in a sanitary napkin. Some sanitary napkins made of low-quality material can cause rashes and infections. So before buying pads; look for material that is soft and suits your body.


Avoid going for panty-liners during the first 3 days. Choose pads with wings attached to them for proper stability.


Lately, biodegradable and reusable cotton napkins are also there in the market. So you can also consider buying them.

There are n numbers of options available in the market. In this store, we have listed pads from major brands that you can use without any worries.

Brands Pads Count Price
Whisper Ultra Clean XL Feminine Sanitary Pads
Stayfree XL Dry Max Best Cover Sanitary Napkins
Stayfree Secure XL Ultra Thin Sanitary Napkins
Sofy Antibacterial XL Feminine Menstrual Pads
Whisper Ultra Soft Feminine Sanitary Pads
Stayfree Secure XL Cottony Sanitary Napkins
Stayfree Advanced XL All Night Sanitary napkins
Whisper Choice Wings Regular for Feminine Hygiene
Whisper Ultra Nights XXXL Sanitary Pads
Stayfree Dry Max All Night Ultra Thin

PS – Do not decide based on just the number of pieces and price because each of them serves a different purpose. They all differ in material quality and sizes.

Safe Sanitary Pads - Frequently Ask Question

What are sanitary pads?

As discussed above, sanitary pads are used during periods to absorb the uterine flow.

How to buy sanitary pads online?

Above in this article, we’ve listed some of the best napkins available in India. Click on the link above and order it from the comfort of your home.

How to dispose of sanitary pads?

To dispose of the sanitary, wrap the used napkin in the waste paper or newspaper and throw it in the garbage bin.

When to change sanitary pads?

The Sanitary pad should be changed every 4-8 hours, depending upon the flow.

How to wear sanitary pads?

First of all, remove the printed paper from the backside of the pad, place it on the panty, and press gently to stick it. Then remove the sticky paper from the wings which is on the front side and stick it.